Friendly, furry, funny ​and sometimes a bit cheeky!

Miniature Ponies

Do come and meet our newest friends, Rowan and Chico, our very own miniature ponies. They are very friendly and love to go on a walk around the fields. You can book your very own pony visit and they will come to greet you at you hut, cottage, camping pitch then you can take them for a walk. All donations will go to help support the the Straw Patch Project. To arrange your very own pony visit speak to Alex on arrival or email prior to arrival if you would like a special occasion or birthday surprise pony experience.

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Mulberry, Maple, Rhubarb and Juniper are our lovely friendly alpacas. Do come and meet them, they are super cute!

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Pygmy Goats

Maebelle and Buckbeak love a good neck scratch. They also love playing chase with each other and climbing as high as they can on their climbing frame.

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Jacob Sheep

Biba, Little Welsh, Coco and Cookie are so friendly and they also love a neck scratch!

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Shetland Ponies

Luna and Nellie will be happy to greet you at their gate. Our chief stable girl, Rosie, will often be found grooming them, or helping around the farm clearing their poop!

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Kune Kune Pigs

​Come and meet Maggie and Billy and see if you can make them laugh. Watch how much they like their tummies tickled on a sunny day!

Come meet the ever growing Strawfields Menagerie!


Inca loves everyone!  Our very special, truly loved and totally adorable Inca is here waiting to play with you. Super child friendly and ever so gentle. Best friends with all the animals and often to be found kissing the noses of the sheep and pigs or cuddling up on the sofa with Azzie, our cat.  Recently she has taken up the role of unofficial therapy dog for The Straw Patch Project, she just knows what she needs to do to help and loves to show off her one and only doggy trick! She loves catching balls and will play with you endlessly. Inca would love to see you soon.


Kune Kune Pigs

Have you ever made a pig smile? Elsie, our very own animal whisperer has, you can literally hear Maggie and Billy laugh out loud together. They are often to be found following her around the field, usually in hope of some food, but if not, a good back scratch and tummy tickle will do. On a hot day you can watch them slide into the muddy wallow to cool off and roll around to apply their sun cream (wet mud). ​


Our lovely alpacas, Mulberry, Juniper, Maple, and Rhubarb, each have their own individual characters. They are very friendly and fun to watch in the fields.  On sunny days where you will catch them sunbathing, rolling in their dust bath or taking a dip in the pond. We have lots of fun giving them a shower using the garden hose!   Do come and meet them, they are super cute!


Pygmy Goats

Well, what can we say about Buckbeak and Maebelle, we love them dearly, but they are a little bit naughty!  We are sure that they spend their entire day scheming about the next plan of escape and what naughty things they can get up to. They were once found eating our vines and herbs in our café garden, so their pens have now been make escape proof. Endlessly amusing and great fun to watch.

Jacob Sheep

Biba has been known to jump on the slide when all the guests have gone, she loves a tickle behind the ear and is one character you won't forget. Possibly the friendliest of our sheep, although Little Welsh and Cookie don't like to miss out on any cuddles either. They love to follow us around their field looking for their next adventure.


Shetland Ponies

Luna, Chico, Rowan are our Shetland and mini Shetland ponies. Luna is a lovable character and keeps us endlessly entertained playing with the goats in the field. Luna and the goats love a game of tag and she is more than happy to join in their mischievous plotting! Chico and Rowan are very friendly and love going on walks and having cuddles.


Farewell to our dearest Nellie

Nellie was our gorgeous Shetland who gave the best furry teddy bear cuddles. She was such a kind and gentle natured pony. Luna, her little sister was her shadow and followed her everywhere, they especially loved playing with Maebelle and Buckbeak in the field. Very sadly in August this year she was unable to win her battle with a foot abscess infection. We had to make the very sad decision to say goodbye to her. She is so greatly missed and we would like to say a big thank you to all our wonderful guests that were so very kind and supportive to us during that week. Luna was very upset by the loss of her sister, but is now being a slightly annoying big sister to her smaller friends, Chico and Rowan. We hope they will become firm friends once they have time to readjust to the new friendships.

We also have wonderful wildlife in and around the farm. Deer and hares are often spotted in the fields above Poppy Patch. You will see swallows and house martins in spring and summer, building mud nests. Their little chicks can be found chirping, waiting fairly impatiently for their next feed. Wild ducks fly in and stay a while on the pond, barn owls are often spotted at dusk, and a heron flies in during the quieter months. We have many beautiful dragonflies, butterflies and watch out for the miniature frogs as you cross the stream.

Come and meet the animals and ​choose which is your favourite.